25 mei 2018 - 26 mei 2018

09:00 - 17:30

Accreditatie GNRPO

Accreditatie NRO

Taal: Engels

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Aeroparc Gilze-Rijen

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Docenten: Jacob Lieberman, MA, DO

Jacob Lieberman, MA, DO, is an internationally acclaimed expert on physical and psychological management of hyper function voice disorders.

The application of Lx manipulation in the management Hyperfunction voice disorders, (MTD), Dysphagia and associated symptoms.

-Introduction: Rationale, results, muscle and joint functional physiology, the difference between Behavior speech therapy techniques and passive manual therapy, how touch therapy can be used for physical examination and providing additional psychological information, that can help prognosis. How manual approach helps in the Multidisciplinary set up.-
Specific aspects: Posture related laryngeal function, (is it really important), Breathing mechanics, why SUPPORT is such a difficult concept to use in day-to-day life. The effectiveness of CBT type therapeutic approaches vs passive treatment.
Interactive Discussion: The theoretical / practical presentation is interactive and requires spontaneous input / comments from experienced participants. E.g. Practitioners’ beliefs about their work, what they think they change in Laryngeal functions, how do they deal with none compliant clients, so called resistance to change and more.
-Definition and list of symptoms that constitute the concept of MTD.
-Identifying Psy. Components and DD of Psy Larynx from “Hard working Lx”.
-Safety first: things to bear in mind when dwelling on “touch” examination and therapy.
-Functional anatomy: The larynx is a collection of muscle and joints
-Practical: identifying structures and movements in the LX: Here participants examine themselves
-Covering each laryngeal structure in depth: Head position, Jaw function, floor of mouth, supra-hyoid, middles constrictor, thyro-hyoid mechanism,
crico-thyroid joint and muscles, inferior straps, rib cage and diaphragmatic function.
Here, participants are presented with the functional anatomy, then work in groups of 2-3 palpating each other, identifying movements, structures, irregularities, rang of movement and more.
-Specific basic techniques:
Pubophonia, High pitch conversion, Globus, Hyper-inflated rib cage,
-Psychology and voice:
If time allows, participants can bring difficult none responsive case so that a wider aspects of a case can be explored, use of good history taking, psychic conflict, resistance to change, anxiety and more. This is in the nutshell the outline of a basic course.

Jacob Lieberman M.A D.O Registered Osteopath Psychotherapist Specialist, Management of vocal crisis.

Jacob Lieberman, MA, DO, is an internationally acclaimed expert on physical and psychological management of hyper function voice disorders.
As an Osteopath and a Psychotherapist he developed the Lieberman protocol for laryngeal examination and physical treatment to release muscle tension and improve joint movements. He is a member of the voice clinic team at Lewisham University Hospital London and University Klinic Eppendorff in Hamburg Germany. He has researched and co-authored papers on postural aspects in voice disorders and mechanical dysfunction of the larynx. He is a contributor to leading text books in voice: The Voice Clinic Handbook (Harris et al, 1998, Whurr Publishers, London),
Diagnosis and treatment of voice disorders (Rubin Sataloff Korvin 2nd ed), Treatment of Voice Disoerders (Sataloff Plural Pub). and various other publications and articles.
He is continuously researching the effects of Laryngeal manipulation on the production of voice.
He has been training ENT and SLT in applying palpation as a tool for examination and treatment of laryngeal muscles and joints in the UK, and internationally.
Participants find it a useful approach in their voice work.
Recently he has started teaching and treating patients in Israel.

For further details about his work:
Google: Jacob Lieberman laryngeal manipulation

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