31 mei 2018 - 2 jun 2018

09:00 - 17:30

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Taal: Engels

Incl. koffie/thee, lunch en syllabus

Aeroparc Gilze-Rijen

Prijs: € 625,00 Totaal

Docenten: Alain Abehsera DO

Three days with Alain Abehsera DO

During this seminar, Alain Abehsera proposes to distinguish between two DO’s. The first is the outer DO, or osteopath as we know it. The second is the inner DO, present in everyone of us.  Its function is to ensure mechanical self-healing.

Each of these two osteopaths has its own power and limitations. Learning to distinguish them is, possibly, the next challenge in osteopathic history, if we want to widen the range of pathologies amenable to osteopathy.

Discovering our inner DO improves greatly our ability to recognize ‘complex lesion patterns’ in our patients once we felt these patterns on ourselves. Second, recognizing the inner DO helps us avoid the fatigue that comes with osteopathic treatment, particularly of the craniosacral type, a problem reported by more and more osteopathic students and practitionners.

Between 2000 to 2004, Alain Abehsera took part in several seminars organized by Panta Rhei, sharing his understanding of the principles and practice of osteopathy.

For the last twelve years, he was largely absent from the osteopathic scene, except for regular contributions in osteopathic magazines. During this time, he has been able to evolve a more complete and mature understanding of the principles and practice he used to teach.

The members of Pantarhei are invited to join this three-day meeting with Alain, where he will share his evolution with the participants.

One of the main themes will be the use of osteopathy on oneself, an approach, Alain believes, which is able to broaden considerably the clinical scope of osteopathy. After an acute illness he developped, Alain had to evolve this self-centered osteopathic approach, enabling him to return to normal. He believes that sharing this information has become of paramount importance, particularly for practitioners, such as osteopaths, who expose themselves daily, through manual contact, to the pathologies of their patients.

Alain will distinguish between the ‘internal osteopath’, otherwise called the Vital Principle, seen from a mechanical perspective, and the ‘external osteopath’, i.e., the DO, who, from the outside, also considers the body from a mechanical perspective. When the external DO becomes at the service of the internal DO, pathologies usually not amenable to osteopathic treatment can be treated succesfully. Participants will be shown how to contact their internal DO and that of their patient.

This discussion will allow us to open a new file in our profession: the indications and contraindications of craniosacral-type osteopathy on the patient and on the practitionner, turning this approach into a much more effective, and much safer technique.

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