9 nov 2018 - 10 nov 2018

09:00 - 17:30

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Taal: Engels

Incl. koffie/thee, lunch en syllabus

Aeroparc Gilze-Rijen

Prijs: € 450,00 Totaal

Docenten: Jonathan Edis

Day 1: Introduction to Still Technique

Still Technique is described as the “application of the rediscovered techniques of Andrew Taylor Still”, & is a system of osteopathic assessment & manipulative treatment from the USA which aspires to recreate the manipulations of the ‘Old Doctor’.

A cross between structural & functional techniques, it is an alternative, or supplement, to HVT techniques, when such approaches are inappropriate or ineffective. It is also applicable to every area of the body & suitable for a wide range of patients.

This 7 hour CPD workshop will introduce the theory & practice of Still Technique, & will focus on the lumbar spine, pelvis & 1st rib.

Day 2

This 7 hour CPD workshop builds on the Still Technique Day 1 workshop. Day 2 provides an opportunity to revise, practice & refine the techniques introduced in Day 1, & will explore the application of Still Technique to the ribs, the thoracic & cervical spines, & the upper & lower extremities. It will also look at its applied role in the external treatment of the coccyx.

Learning outcomes

Day 1

• Introduce the background, development & principles of Still Technique
• Discuss indications & contraindications for the application of Still Technique
• Introduce the theory, & practice the application, of Still Techniques to:
• Rib 1
• Lumbar Spine (LSp)
• Sacro-iliac joint (SIJ)
• Pubic symphysis
• Hip joint/ilio-psoas muscle

Day 2

• Revise the principles & theory of Still Technique
• Masterclass of the techniques covered in Part 1
• Discuss the role of, & apply, Still Technique in a protocol for the external treatment of the coccyx & sacro-coccygeal articulation
• Introduce the theory, & practice the application, of Still Technique to:
• Ribs 2-10
• Thoracic Spine (TSp)
• Cervical Spine (CSp)
• Upper extremity: elbow, hand & wrist
• Lower extremity: superior tibio-fibular joint, talo-crural joint & subtalar joint

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