Fascia met Serge Paoletti

  20 jan 2022 - 22 jan 2022
  09:00 - 17:30
  Aeroparc Gilze-Rijen
Docent:  Serge Paoletti DO


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Still unknown 30 years ago, the fascia is currently the subject of numerous studies, which demonstrate all its subtleties, which lead us to change our conception of the functioning of the human body and its anatomo physio pathological approach.

During this seminar, we suggest that you decode the implications of fascias in the complex functioning of the human body, and integrate them into your daily practice.

Because of their omnipresence, any osteopathic technique necessarily includes the fascias, therefore the fascia can be considered as the structure that connects all osteopathic techniques.

Recent studies show that the support for the acupuncture meridians is none other than the fascia. The interest in the water contained in the fascias also brings new very interesting data, the studies on the interstitium are also very promising.

These new data increasingly highlight the multifactoriality of dysfunctions and confirm the need to consider the body as a whole. The study of fascial subtlety therefore becomes essential in our daily practice.

This essentially practical course, will allow you to have a new vision of the dysfunction, a better understanding of the patient, and consequently, a better targeted and therefore more effective treatment.


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