Osteopathie, geriatrie, oncologie en stervensbegeleiding met diverse docenten

  11 sep 2020 - 12 sep 2020
  09:00 - 17:30
  Aeroparc Gilze-Rijen
Docenten:  Terence Dowling DO,  Marjan Timmerman,  René Zweedijk DO,  Thomas Monsarrat DO fr,  Laurie Kolfoort DO,  Marlies Renkens DO,  


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Module 1: 11-12 september 2020  
Taal: Nederlands

  1. Growing older, anatomical, physiological and psychological changes, DNA influence; Teacher: Marjan Timmerman en René Zweedijk
  2. Growing older: the problem of polymedication…. How to deal with this.., MD via e learning
  3. Growing older: how to stay healthy. Anti-aging from a biological perspective. The influence of our daily life habits on this process. The influence of nutrition, sports, cognitive actions, music, language etc. Anti-aging specialist: Marjan Timmerman nutrition
  4. The osteopathic approach of the elderly patient. The to do’s and not to do’s. Specific techniques for specific problems. How to deal with severe arthrosis, osteoporosis, spinal canal stenosis, Parkinson’s disease, Alzheimer disease, stroke, MS, dementia, cardiovascular problems,  digestive problems like diverticulitis and constipation. Osteopath DO: Laurie Kolfoort, Marlies Renkens en Rene Zweedijk


Module 2: 6-7 november 2020
The osteopathic care for oncology patient. How osteopathy can support the general treatment of the oncology patient met Thomas Monsarrat DO fr
Taal: Engels

Osteopathic care

Individual special care

General Treatment of oncology patient

Chimios induce modificated sensibility/Constipation/Dyspnea/Anxiety/Oedema

Cancer Rays induce burning fascia/remote fascia tensions

Surgery induce scars/remote fascia tensions/reduced mobility

Osteopathic links

Cranio sacral treatment

Viscera-lumbar view

Breathing roll

Myo-fascial Technics

Canvas by cancer

Spine in hematology

Gastric Pain in HG

Dyspnea in Pulmona-ORL

Scapula in breast cancer

Pelvis in UG


Ultra-specific view


Ascite puncture

Pleuresis puncture





Spinal cord compression



Module 3 ; 29-30 January 2021

Osteopathy in the last period of life. Osteopathy as palliative care and osteopathy for the dying patient met Terence Downling DO MD
Taal: Engels

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