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Perfection in the management of vertebral adjustment – (3 modulen) module 3

  7 nov 2019 - 9 nov 2019
  09:00 - 17:00
  Aeroparc Gilze-Rijen
Docent:  Pau Dalmau DO


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Deze cursus bestaat uit 3 verschillende modulen. Wij adviseren alle 3 de modulen te volgen. Los inschrijven is wel mogelijk.

Module 1: Francesc Sansa DO | 28-30 maart 2019

Module 2: Carlos Ferrari DO | 26-28 september 2019

Module 3: Pau Dalmau DO | 7-9 november 2019


3rd SAT SEMINAR (specific adjustment technique):

Teacher: Pau Dalmau DO.

SAT is a therapeutic approach to put into practice in certain somatic dysfunctions, called positional injuries, of traumatic origin and very frequently in situations of whiplash; located mostly in atypical areas of the spine (high cervical and pelvic) of great complexity in being resolved, and that end up causing a general disorder in the health of the patient. The SAT approach offers the possibility of accessing through the structure the normalization of the tissues that maintain the lesion, with an interaction that comes from the most elementary and reaches the most global level of the person.

It is an approach of osteoptic treatment with minimal intention, with a sublime mixture of structural and functional technique

The challenge in this approach will be that through the learning process, you acquire the ability to feel in which plane the lesion is maintained and what it needs to change, as well as a highly specific technical ability to resolve it through a determined intention somatic dysfunction. It is at this moment, when the gesture stops being a simple technique and becomes an approach loaded with a great therapeutic awareness, and that is finally translated into important changes in the different spheres of the person’s health.


Teach the concept of the approach in SAT, from your understanding of the injury, diagnostic routine and treatment plan so that the professional can already apply this approach in their daily clinical practice.

At the end of this third level, the student will have learned and practiced:

Exploratory routine based on the three units of Tom Dummer for the selection of the primary or priority lesion.

  • Understanding Littlejohn’s mechanical model to understand postural observation and appreciate the relationships between pens and curves.
  • Technical ability to adjust according to SAT on the segments: C2, C3, C5, C7, D4, D9, L3, S.I; based on the concept of the floating field.
  • Develop the observation and perception process to obtain a global assessment.
  • Diagnostic radiological assessment according to positional injuries.
  • The evaluation of motility somatic – positional lesions to identify the priority levels to be treated.
  • Present the typical scenarios in the order of treatment according to the sessions.
  • Introduction to the concept of “tissue field” (it will be developed more deeply in level 2) in order to determine the tissue level that the lesion is in and thus be more specific during the SAT adjustment.


Structure of the third level:

  • Theoretical introduction of the SAT concept.
  • Practical exercise for understanding: mental quietness, deviant attention, fulcrum.
  • Theoretical understanding of the lines of force according to Littejohn for postural observation
  • Practice in exploratory routine by units.
  • Practice in identifying the priority lesion to treat.
  • Exhibition and practice of the C2 technique according to SAT.
  • Practical exercise for the understanding of tissue qualities.
  • Palpation exercise of the different levels of injury.
  • Exhibition and practice of the technique of C3 and C5 according to SAT
  • Exhibition and practice of the technique of C7, D1, D3, D9, S.I
  • Radiological comprehension of positional dysfunctions according to SAT.


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