SAT2 – Specific Adjusment Technique 2

  1 apr 2021 - 3 apr 2021
  09:00 - 17:30
  Aeroparc Gilze-Rijen
Docent:  Pau Dalmau DO


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After a wiplash accident, the patient’s health disorder not only occurs at the level of the physical sphere at the level of the spine, but more specifically at the level of the brainstem with the consequent adaptation of the notocordal line as we saw in the first SAT graduate level; this traumatic situation will also affect at the level of the sphere of the autonomic nervous system orchestrated by the alteration of the limbic / emotional system; Therefore, if we want to restore the total health of patients who have suffered this type of injury, we must have the area of ​​the brain meso to normalize the hypothalamus / pituitary / endocrine axis and this is largely the objective of SAT 2.
Learning in this approach of the Nervous System in SAT 2 comes from any mechanistic, methodical, dualistic, and academic system; It is through empirical practice with patients treated for years and that I have acquired a sensory somatic learning in which I have been able to observe their highly valid clinical results and that I will share with you
Implement a large number of skills in the technical execution of SAT with the intention of improving the fluidity of the adjustment to achieve maximum therapeutic efficacy.
Include a combination of work at the level of the autonomic nervous system to complete the practice of SAT with the purpose that occurred after a wiplash.
Organization of the three days:
Day 1:
1- sharing by all the members of the course on how they have advanced with the SAT adjustments from level 1: reflections, contributions, difficulties, improvements, results, criticisms, questions, answers and discussion.
2- Adapt and refine specific joint adjustments using the line of least resistance with cure and refinement especially at the level of: c2, c3, c5 and sacrum.
Afternoon: Start of work on the nervous system approach:
Day 2:
assessment of the adaptation of the nervous system altered by a wiplash:
Evaluate and treat possible nervous system alteration at different levels:
• Dura mater.
• Cortex.
• Middle brain (limbic system)
• Brainstem.
• Release of the “emotional xoc”.
Third day:
Totally clinical day:
a.m: practical workshops among course assistants.
p.m: with real patients susceptible to the SAT approach due to their medical history; It may be focused that some of the participants in the course bring patients from their clinics to be treated in class either by themselves or by the teacher if they wish, plus patient approval; After the work it would be useful to share experiences, reflections, questions, doubts … etc.


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