Diploma in Pediatric Osteopathy | NORWAY

  11 Jun 2020 - 14 Jun 2020
  09:00 - 17:00
  Jessheim Norway, Storgata 6
Lehrer:  René Zweedijk DO,  Christophe Tylleman,  Laurie Kolfoort DO,  Cindy de Nooijer,  Sabine Cartrysse,  Terence Dowling DO,  Feiko Mollema DO,  Didde Thorsted DO,  


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Panta Rhei is a well-known institute for postgraduate development in osteopathy and has more than 15 years of experience in pediatric osteopathy. René Zweedijk is the head of a well experienced team of osteopathic teachers.

For the course in Norway we have chosen a unique design with a combination of e-learnings and physical/practical meetings. In the e-learning sessions we will focus on the theoretical aspect, whilst the physical meeting content will be based on osteopathy in practice. For both sessions the participants will get the handouts in advance to give an opportunity to prepare themselves. The online meetings last about an hour and can be watched life or later in time. During the physical meetings, the emphasis will be on osteopathic practice with the child from birth to adolescence as the central subject.

The course consists of 7 modules of 4 to 5 days. Every 5th day is a clinic day. (Practical days with young patients we treat together.)

For the diploma osteopathy in pediatrics, participants have to hand in two written case studies at the end of the course and have to show a treatment of a child for a two-member jury. There will be a possibility to film the treatment in your own practice and present the film via Skype for a two-member jury. The jury will look for safety, differential diagnosis, the approach towards the child and parents, osteopathic thinking, contact and the treatment itself.


Module 1


  1. Child development in general by René Zweedijk

Practical module  June 11-14 , 2020 

Day 1: Laurie Strengholt ;Introduction, child versus adult, palpation on various tissue levels, introduction in primary reflexes

Day 2-4: Didde Thorsted; Approach and examination of the baby, general treatment of the newborn, feeding problems, tong tie


Module 2


  1. Pregnancy by Sabine Cartryse

Practical module October 15-18 , 2020

Day 1-2: René Zweedijk; Rhombomere, vagal nerve, spinal treatment in baby’s

Day 3- 4: Sabine Cartrysse; Treatment of the pregnant woman in different trimesters and post-natal care and treatment


Module 3


  1. Birth process by Cindy de Nooijer

Practical module January 14-17 , 2021

Day 1-3: Cindy de Nooijer and Laurie Strengholt

Childbirth in practice. The birth process, the influence of the various positions on the child, influence of a traumatic birth on the child. Principles of balanced ligamentous tension (BLT) and treatment of the newborn with BLT

Day 4: Clinic with Cindy de Nooijer, Laurie Strengholt and Norwegian osteopaths with pediatric diploma


Module 4


  1. Development of the cranium by Christophe Tylleman
  2. The brain, sensory motor development by René Zweedijk

Practical module March 18-21, 2021

Dag 1-2: Feiko Mollema : Visceral treatment of newborn

Day 3-4: Christophe Tylleman; Treatment of the newborn cranium, plagiocephaly, C0-2, and more


Module 5


  1. Differential diagnosis in children by René Zweedijk

Practical module June 10-14 , 2021 (5 days)

Day 1-2: Terence Dowling; Understandig the first 1000 days after conception. Osteopathic treatment of primal health issues.

Day 3-4; Laurie Kolfoort; primary reflexes

Day 5: Clinic


Module 6

E learning

  1. Development of the viscero cranium by Frank Vermeule

Practical module September  23-26 ,2021

Day 1-2: René Zweedijk; Neuro endocrine problems in childhood

Day 3-4: Geert Achterkamp ; Viscero cranium and all possible issues and relations.


Module 7

E learning

  1. Case studies and practical exam by Cindy de Nooijer

Practical  Module November 25-29 , 2021

Day 1 Norwegion paramedic: First Aid in baby’s and children

Day 2-3 Frank Vermeule;  Orthodontics and central tendon

Day 5 Clinic, practical sessions with children and Norwegian Osteopaths with pediatric diploma


Language: The whole course will be in English.

Price: NOK 51800,00 / €5250,00 for the total of 7 module. The total invoice (all modules) for the course will be send before the course starts. Payment in 4 periods is possible.

Module 1: €700,00
Module 2: €700,00
Module 3: €700,00
Module 4: €700,00
Module 5: €875,00 ( 5 days)
Module 6: €700,00
Module 7:€875,00 ( 5 days)

Location: Venue is Jessheim, Norway.
Klinikk for All, Jessheim
Storgata 6

Registration: Create an account on the website of Panta Rhei and sign up.

The organization is done by Panta Rhei, for more information please send an email to info@pro-osteo.com.



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