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Prof. Emeritus Peter Huijing PhD – Fascia@sea

Experimental results of force transmission between muscles and bone and other tissues. What the manual practitioner should know about that. Over the past 15 years, my (previous) research group at has been active in studying, what we call myofascial force transmission and found some amazing results indicating that muscle forces and loads are not only […]


Dr. Jan Wilke | Speaker at the Fascia@Sea Congres

“Myofascial chains and musculoskeletal pain? Could there be a relationship?” Treatments based on myofascial chains have become popular in recent years. This may be due to recent research findings indicating structural in-series continuity of skeletal muscles as well as mechanical force transmission effects between them. However, although experimental data from the laboratory suggests potentially relevant […]



Fascia at Sea

‚Where science meets manual medicine‘

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17 – 18 januari 2020, Kurhaus Scheveningen