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Abdominal osteopathy and vagus nerve – 4-5 October 2019

Just a few places available Course description The main points in this course will be: – Anatomy and physiology of the gut – The 3 types of gut microbiota and their clinical consequences – Major role of gastroduodenal emptying, of ileal break and of the left vagal nerve o Major consequences of jejunoduodenal reflux – […]

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Okctober 2019 @ Panta Rhei Opleidingen – Brain Therapy for Neonatal Reflexes & General Reflexes in Adults and Children (BR) with Bruno Chickly DO

This class will address retained and reoccurring neonatal and general reflexes in children and adults. Many children and adults have neurological disorders, learning disabilities or cognitive challenges. Studies show these individuals often have retained reflexes or may have reoccurring neonatal/primary reflexes. Optimally, these reflexes are inhibited/integrated in the first months of life. Children can keep […]

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Het PRO-OSTEO magazine is er weer!

Begin juli valt bij alle osteopaten in onze database het pro-osteo magazine weer op de deurmat. Het magazine bevat een aantal interessante artikelen, inhoudelijke informatie over onze cursussen, een cursusoverzicht en nog een aantal interessante topics voor iedere osteopaat. Wellicht dat u het magazine niet ontvangen heeft. Geen probleem want dan kunt u het magazine […]

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Fascia at Sea

‘Where science meets manual medicine’

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17 – 18 januari 2020, Kurhaus Scheveningen